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Leak Detection

ProChain® Inspector

Polman Industries GmbH offers a highly develeoped system for quality control in production chains, which meets the high quality assurance requirements according to DIN ISO 9000.

For the first time continuous leak testing for mass production products
►  Leak testing machine for production lines
►  Possibility to integrate a variety of test systems
►  Adaptation of the velocity to existing requirement

The absolutly precise and reliable quality control is carried out at maximum speed qhich makes it ideal to be used in automatic packaging lines. Defective products will be directly and selectovely rerouted.

With our systems for packaging inspection and quality control you will make sure that your products reach your customers at the highest quality and safety standards.


Leakdetection systems by Polman can be easily integrated into existing production lines


Easy integration into existing production lines by means of existing conveyor belts and adapted product hand-over


Determination of the air tightness of the vacuum atmosphere maintaining a consistent onward movement

Negative inspection result

On detecting any leaking, defective of deformed products, these will be selectively and automatically rerouted to a separate conveyor belt

Positive inspection result

Perfect products will be handed over to the subsequent production line

Data logging

Real-time data logging and transfer via a standardized interface to the corporate data logging system

Modular design
Easy integration into a production line because of modular design

Continuous examination
  Continuous examination of the air tightness and deformation of products with automatic rerouting of defective products

Short change-over times
  Short change-over times due to quick-change system and modular construction of the test chamber systems

Real-time data logging
  Additional production monitoring through real-time data logging for future processing

  Designed for intensive cleaning measures

Detectors and possibilities of adaption

ProChain® Inspector is a highly flexible inspection system because of different detectors and variable adaption possibilities, which can be easily integrated into an existing production line


► The Oxipack-System uses a non destructive residual pressure technique to identify tiny leaks in the packaging material
► Ultrasonic sensor for the detection of deformations caused by extension
► Camera system for visual checks for deformations and damages

Adaption possibilities

► Different sizes of standardized vacuum test chamber systems. On request, there are additional variations available
► Different combinations of detectors in the test chamber systems, depending on the specific requirements
► Adaptation of the speed to the existing cycle sequences